Move over Monday Morning Blues!

Editors Note: Yes, it’s Tuesday. But if you had a particularly bad day yesterday as I did, read Ruksana’s tips for having a happier Monday now and get ready to take on next Monday with a renewed sense of awesomeness! -adb

Nobody talks about dealing with Tuesdays or Thursdays, but Mondays are always a topic to discus. Despite the fact that we have more than 50 Mondays a year to get it right, somehow the beginning of the week is always a matter of concern. The secret to not dreading the start of the week is to finishing the prior week strongly. As the saying goes – it’s not how you start, but how you finish that matters. So go ahead and finish your Friday strong. Then can relax your weekend into Monday morning and you will see it works like charm.shutterstock_162418316

To-do lists: Take time Friday to plan out the rest of the upcoming week. Pencil in time for not just your office hours if you work but also for any errands you have to run, important meetings you must prepare for or other tasks you need to work on. Google calendar has great features and will also let you set an alarm as a reminder of pending to-dos.

Work that weekend: As in, work it like a weekend! Give yourself something fun to do with family and friends or enjoy something for yourself such as a language class or art session which truly makes you feel like you have taken a break from work. For most folks, the continuation of errands through the weekend makes Monday feel like they never had a break at all. Involving friends and family in your plans ensures you will take break.

Get organized: Are there other things you can do prior to the start of the week that will allow you to glide through the Monday morning blues? Maybe you can plan all meals so you don’t feel like you are running around trying to get a brown bag going that morning. How about organizing your closet so you know what you will wear first day of the week and don’t have to do laundry Sunday night for your favorite grey pencil skirt?

The night before: You know you have to get up early so experiment with doing something effortless and relaxing Sunday night – watch a movie and do takeout or make this your weekly night out meal so you feel like you have not worked till the last minute Sunday before waking up 5 am Monday and getting back on the bandwagon again.

Make your Monday meaningful: So you have your to-dos in place, enjoyed some fun on the weekend and got your meals and clothes organized for the week. But that doesn’t mean extra minutes of sleep Monday morning and fighting with the alarm clock…again. Make your Monday morning meaningful. For you. Use the extra time to do something for yourself than for others and you will value those few minutes of your own. Meditate, have some quiet time drinking coffee before the house wakes up, listen to some music or catch up with the news, write your journal. Breathe.

Now tell me this Monday fared well and you truly began the week with a bang!

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