Healthy Breakfast Must-Haves

whole grains and fruit is one healthy way to start your day!

Breakfast is the chance for us to give our bodies food after the overnight fasting. And while it’s important to eat healthfully all day, a healthy breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, setting up our bodies for a day of work or play. So what qualities do we look for in our breakfast cereals?

Taste: Perhaps the most important thing we want when searching for cereals to eat come breakfast time is taste. As the first thing we eat in the day, we want our breakfast to be a tasty AND wholesome treat. Choose your favorite add-ons like fresh fruit, chopped nuts or even a little extra sweetness with honey or jam. You can turn your breakfast cereal into a warm meal by warming milk or plant-based milk slightly, or serve your cereals over warm porridge or your favorite oatmeal. Some mornings, maybe you even want to add some chocolate to your breakfast!

Nutrition: Breakfast is the way to set up our day: by skipping breakfast we deprive our metabolism of its required jumpstart. This means we’re more likely to have spikes and lows in blood sugar, which means we’re less likely to make healthy choices throughout the rest of the day. Choose cereals high in fiber and with good amounts of vitamins and minerals. Many cereals are fortified and thus it’s easy to get in the vital nutrients to begin your day. Adding fresh or dried fruit or superfoods can boost your meal even more. Be sure to choose cereals with whole grains, low or moderate amounts of sugar, and natural ingredients.

Crunch: Finally, a lot of breakfast cereals give us the chance to enjoying a satisfying crunch with our food. Made from whole grains such as oats and wheat, cereals have a great crunchy texture that encourages us to take the time to chew our food thoroughly and really enjoy our breakfast. The best way to enjoy your cereal or even your breakfast bar is to find a nice place to sit (not in front of the computer) and give yourself just a few minutes to truly enjoy the process. This not only helps our brain really enjoy the foods, but improves our digestion as well.

What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?



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