Nutrition Label Update for 2014

A friend just send me this great article from ThinkProgress. about the updates to the nutrition labels for the United States. This is the first time the labels have been updated in two decades, so there are many necessary changes.

My initial reaction was negative: there is just no way to encapsulate all the dangers of processed foods into a small label, nevermind actually getting everyone’s attention about it. But, upon further inspection of the image below, I am pretty stoked that these changes are going to take effect soon. The changes are many: creating different serving sizes for kids and adults, allowing for updated RDIs and combining all sugars TOGETHER as one ingredient. These new and bold numbers will demonstrate the health dangers inherent in most packaged and processed foods. My hope is that it will encourage people to make smarter choices for themselves and for their families.

What do you think? Can nutrition labels help our obesity epidemic and improve the health of our nation?

nutrition label new 2014

Why Our Nutrition Labels Desperately Need An Update

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