Green Smoothie Recipes: Spring Clean your Body!

We’re celebrating Spring Cleaning Week with our friends at Crafting a Green World, and we’ve shared two healthy homemade body care recipes this week, for homemade lip balm and homemade foot spray.

But today we talking about spring cleaning of a different sort. Green smoothies are a delicious, healthy way to add extra fruits and vegetables into your diet, and are a great way to literally clean out your body from the dark winter months of comfort foods! As a bonus, At this time of year, most of us naturally begin craving fresh green things, which makes it the perfect time to add a green smoothie habit. Regardless of the time of year, our bodies can always benefit from the added vitamins, minerals, fiber and superfood infusions that green smoothie can offer.

Rather than just sharing green smoothie recipes, we have here a really fun template from A Life Balanced to help you build your own green smoothie recipes. Choose a liquid base, add some greenery, choose some fruits and maybe even some superfood ingredients. Blend, and enjoy. Look below the graphic and find some suggestions for our favorite ingredients (and some of our own green smoothie recipes too!)

green smoothie formula
build you own green smoothie!
  • Choose your base: My favorite is homemade almond milk! No fillers, no sweeteners, just pure awesomeness! Water is also good: cheap, easy and doesn’t interfere with your smoothie flavors.
  • Choose your greens! This is, of course, the most important part of a green smoothie. All greens are good here, but be sure to vary them from day to day. And don’t forget lettuce or greens powders too, which are other great ways to get your greens.
  • Fruits: Choose your favorites here, but be mindful to choose a minimum amount of fruit; the vegetables are really the best thing here, and too much fruit can bring your sugar levels too high for the day. If you can’t handle the natural bitterness of some of the greens, add fruit as needed, and then gradually decrease the amount over time.
  • Supercharge it with Superfoods: My favorite superfood additions are maca, a caramel flavored powder, and chlorella, a supergreen microalgae that adds protein and minerals. Chia seeds are also excellent, adding protein, fiber and fats, making your smoothie a potential meal replacement.
  • And sweetner? Well, it’s personal preference, and it’s my recommendation that the fruit should be enough. But if you choose to add sweetener, do choose the super natural options listed in the image.

And here are some recipes: Chocolate Berry SuperGreen Smoothie, Blueberry Maca Smoothie, and Superfood Acai Smoothie or bowl. For even more green smoothie recipes, check out Becky Streipe’s 40 Days of Green Smoothies e-book. Enjoy!

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