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Published on March 14th, 2014 | by Andrea Bertoli


Green Juice Recipes for Health: Green Juice is Your New Best Friend

My new healthy habit is green juice: celery juice, dandelion green juice, citrus juice! There are so many healthy juice recipes to try!

My boyfriend and I chose a juicer as one of our shared gifts at Christmastime, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best gift ever! We’ve been making fresh juice every few days, taking turns experimenting with the myriad of flavors and colors that can be achieved with fresh, organic produce. Fresh juice is super delicious and healthy, and it ensures that I get my daily dose of green things. Juicing should not be used as a meal replacement, but can be thought of as a multivitamin, something to help boost your health everyday. If you are considering a juice regime, confer with a health care professional or nutritionist, as some juices are counter-indicated for certain conditions.

My favorite juices are those that are vegetable based and as simple as possible. I try to limit the amount of fruit and sweet veggies (like beets and carrots) in order to keep my overall sugar intake low, but a little green apple and lemon sweetens things perfectly for me. And, when they are available at my market, I will splurge on some locally grown tangerines and make a straight tangerine juice. Heaven!

Are you stoked to learn more about juicing and find some of my favorite new recipes? I recently wrote a post for Green UPGRADER in which I share some of the best reasons to juice, some common mistakes to avoid while juicing, and my favorite veggies that I use in my juices! Click the link to read more on Green UPGRADER!

Green Juice Recipes for Health: Green Juice is Your New Best Friend

green juice for you and me!

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