Pacha Cacao: Superfood Drink of Wonder

ccoffee alternatives cacao

photo_48_b1ac6fad-0947-4793-bcbd-bcf102fc6d09_grandeRecently we were sent some Pacha Cacao for review and we totally fell in love with this uniquely delicious drink. Pacha Cacao is made from only organic cacao shells and organic cocoa powder and is brewed like a loose-leaf tea. The drink can enjoyed hot or cold, served in a mug like your favorite tea, or used in an iced-mocha concoction with plant-based milk and a hint of sweetener (see the new recipe below!). This came to me at the right time as I was quitting caffeine and became one of my favorite healthy coffee alternatives.

pacha cacao
Pacha caco tea: ready to go!

Pacha is an alternative to hot chocolate, coffee or dessert. It has a rich dark chocolate taste with only 2-3 calories per serving and no sugar. Pacha contains natural theobromine, a mild stimulant found in chocolate that provides a little boost without the jitters or crash. Served with a splash of milk or plant-based milk, Pacha encourages you to indulge sustainably.

The founder of Pacha is Julie, who decided to create the company after realizing that most cacao shells were considered a waste product in the US. Julie decided to undertake a little experimentation and a lot of research; her result was the delicious product you can purchase today.

Learn more about Pacha here on their website, and follow them on Instagram for a daily dose of chocolate awesomeness.

Iced Cacao Mocha

2 Tablespoons Pacha Cacao
6 ounces water
Plant-based milk
Sweetener to taste

  1. Boil water and add Pacha Cacao. Let steep for five minutes, then strain. Let cool to room temperature.
  2. Pour tea over ice and add milk and sweetener as desired! Enjoy the chocolately buzz!


coffee alternatives cacao

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