Fall Fashion with Compassion: Vegan Shopping Resources for Fall

Fall Fashion with Compassion

Have the temperatures dropped where you are like they have here in Atlanta? This gorgeous weather has fall fashion on my mind!

The amazing fall weather really snuck up on me! I feel like one day it was sweltering, and the next it was crisp and breezy. This is not me complaining! But this is me frantically digging through my closet for boots, tights, and sweaters to see me through. Could your closet use some new (or at least new-to-you) fall fashion to round it out?

If you’re living a vegan lifestyle, finding fall fashion can be a little bit tricky. Leather boots and accessories are out. So are wool coats and sweaters. If you want to fill your closet without animal cruelty, you might need a little bit of help. Below are some resources for you!

Vegan Fall Fashion and the Environment

Before we talk about vegan fall fashion, I wanted to talk a little bit about vegan leather alternatives. Whenever I talk about replacing leather, the first comment is usually about how bad those products are for the environment. There are a couple of reasons that I think this argument is off the mark:

1. Leather is no environmental picnic. Not only is the leather industry incredibly cruel, but it’s tied to the meat and dairy industries. Animal agriculture is the most destructive industry on the planet, whether we are talking about the part of the cow that some people eat or the skin that some people wear. The leather tanning process is also incredibly toxic.

2. There are better alternatives. Many of the companies below use recycled or natural alternatives to wool and leather. These do tend to be pricier companies like Cri de Coeur, but if you’re truly concerned with the environment, this is your best option. No animal agriculture and fewer new materials is a win!

Fall Fashion with Compassion: Vegan Boots

+ Vegan Boots – I did a little bit of vegan boot fantasy shopping over at our sister site Feelgood Style last year, and most of those styles are still going strong this fall. Find trendy ankle boots or more classic styles without the animal cruelty.

Fall Fashion with Compassion: Vegan Coats

+ Vegan Coats – Cadry Nelson wrote a wonderful piece on her favorite vegan coat company. Meet VauteCouture! They make beautiful, cruelty-free coats for men and women.

Fall Fashion with Compassion: Vegan Accessories+ Vegan Accessories – Do you need boots, bags, and wallets? Liz compiled a great list of Instagrammers (that’s a word, right?) to follow for these fall fashion pieces.

+ Shopping Second Hand – If you want to really update that fall wardrobe on the cheap and reduce your impact, buying second hand is the ticket. You can hit the thrift or check out these tips for second hand shopping on eBay. One eBay tip that I didn’t mention there is that you can filter your search results by material. That means you can choose not to even see search results that contain leather, wool, silk, or other animal products. Easy peasy!

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