Best Beauty Products: What to Look for On the Label

Best Beauty Products: What to Look for On the Label

Best Beauty Products: What to Look for On the Label

We talk quite a bit in this space about what ingredients you don’t want in your medicine cabinet. We even have a handy downloadable toxic ingredients guide to help you vet beauty products at a glance when you’re shopping. But whats hould we look for in the best beauty products? Liz Thompson at our sister site Feelgood Style wrote a great piece on just that.

In her piece, Liz talks about how to find quality, pure beauty products. Instead of focusing on what not to buy, she shows you how to read a product label and feel confident that you’re buying the best beauty products that are healthy for your body and for the planet. You can check out her recommendations below!

Buying the Best Beauty Products

by Liz Thompson

In the natural beauty biz we talk a lot about what you don’t want to put on your skin. The harmful ingredients used to make mainstream beauty products. But today I’d like to cover what you do want to see in your beauty products. The healthy ingredients and pure manufacturing practices that make green beauty the best choice for your skin and health.

Look for the best ingredients.

When choosing skincare and cosmetics we first focus on identifying any toxic culprits. Once you’ve become familiar with the cosmetic ingredients best avoided and brands that don’t use them, you can move on to looking for the very best in healthy ingredients. Organically produced ingredients are made without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Remember, a product that says Organic on the label does not necessarily include 100% organically produced ingredients. Weird and confusing, I know. But such is the state of labelling in the US at the moment, so best to arm yourself with knowledge. Here’s how to ID a product made with organic ingredients.

Next, learn how to avoid GMO ingredients. That’s right, cosmetics can contain GMOs too. Choosing certified organic products will lower your risk of coming into contact with GMOs as will avoiding ingredients most commonly GMO-contaminated.

Go cruelty free.

Shopping cruelty free can be a little bit tricky, because a finished product may not be tested on animals, but unless noted, an ingredient it contains could have undergone animal testing. Be sure the brands you support are committed to sourcing their ingredients from manufacturers who don’t test on animals. To find out read their commitment page or ask me. I’ll do my best to find out for you.

One shortcut is to look for the Leaping Bunny logo. While there are cruelty-free products that aren’t Leaping Bunny certified, that little bunny can tell you at a glance that you’re not supporting animal testing with your beauty products.

The best beauty products are made in small batches.

Most truly pure cosmetics brands manufacture their products in small batches. This ensures quality, freshness, and a more stable product. As with food, the thought of a skincare product made to sit on a shelf for up to 3 years is kind of disgusting.

Make sure they’re properly preserved.

Products made with water, like cleansers, shampoos, lotions, need to be properly preserved in order to be safe. Inadequately preserved products are susceptible to bacterial growth. If you’ve ever opened a jar of face cream with black mold, you know what I’m talking about.  A turn off and hazardous to your skin’s health.

Adequate preservation doesn’t have to mean chemical ingredients. Some plant and essential oils, herbal extracts, and vitamins are natural preservatives. Packaging in tubes and pump bottles helps to maintain freshness, as does the use of the purest ingredients. Many natural cosmetics brands have developed their own unique and effective preservation systems.

Don’t give up high performance.

The idea that you have to choose between safe and high performance in cosmetics is super outdated. In the past that may have been the case. Today there are so many nontoxic beauty brands making products that perform just as well as conventional products, if not better.

Don’t feel that you can’t have a yummy smelling, luxurious product in a pretty package just to be healthy. Talking about yummy smelling, the Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme has an amazing citrus scent.

Organic beauty has come a long way, baby. You truly can have it all.

Get to know the brands you purchase a little better. This is a great way to know you are getting the best out of your beauty products.

Originally syndicated with permission from Feelgood Style; this post was retroactively sponsored by Skincare by Alana; shopping photo via Shutterstock

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