Let’s Work on Being Present this Holiday

Let's Work on Being Present this Holiday

Let's Work on Being Present this Holiday

The holidays are supposed to be a time to steep ourselves in friends, family, food, and fun. Can we do that while we’re looking at our phones? Let’s talk about truly being present for the holidays. And every day!

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When I came across the infographic below on being present, I had one word flash across my brain: “GUILTY.” In a world of iPhones, laptops, and a million things to do, it’s so hard to live in the right now. Here at Important Media, we’re talking this holiday all about focusing more on love and less on stuff, and here I am checking Facebook on my phone while my toddler, Darrol, plays in the living room and outlining a recipe in my head while my husband tells me about his day.

And I’ve been feeling guilty about it.

Being present is easier said, and as I work on it more and more, I realize that I’m probably not the only one who has trouble staying in the moment. The graphic below sort of cemented that idea for me, and I thought I’d share it here.

Let's Work on Being Present this Holiday

Like any new habit, adjusting to being present takes baby steps. At least for me. Right now, I’m working hardest at stepping away from the smartphone. What prompted me was the day that Darrol Henry started to really notice when I was using my phone while we were playing. He knows that there are pictures of him and his friends on my phone, and now when I idly pick up my phone, he reaches for it shouting, “Darrol!” You don’t get a more clear reminder than that!

And you know what? I do feel happier when I put the phone away and watch my kid work on a puzzle or color with markers. It’s not always easy to resist distractions and live in the moment, but it’s so gratifying.

Are you working on being present  in your day-to-day? I’d love to hear about your pitfalls and successes!

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