Dr. Bronner’s Soap: 4 Reasons to Love Nature’s Best Soap

Dr. Bronner’s soap is one of the best soaps in the world, for so many reasons. These are my favorite truly natural, organic, and fair-trade cleaning products, good for home and body!

Dr. Bronner's Soap: 4 Reasons to Love Nature's Best Soap
a whole bunch of natural goodness

Dr. Bronner’s soap is the best example of how doing something good for your body can also be good for your planet. This gentle, awesome soap has been around for decades, made by the same family with awesome ecological and ethical values. The whole family of Dr. Bronner’s products are organic, fair-trade and super natural. The base is coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil and natural essential oils for fragrance. My favorite is the liquid soap, but they also make great shaving cremes, shampoo, lip balm, bar soap and more. The classic liquid soaps can be found in many flavors, including lavender, rose, citrus, almond, tea tree, eucalyptus, unscented for baby, and the tingly-in-a-good-way peppermint.

Dr. Bronner’s soap is in my kitchen, in my laundry room, in my shower and in all my cleaning cabinets. There are so many reasons to love this soap. A few years ago I wrote this ode to Dr. Bronner’s on Green Business Owner, but as the company continues to do cool stuff, I felt like it was time to revisit this great brand.

1. It’s healthful for home and body.

Al products are made with olive, coconut, hemp, and jojoba oils are the base (not animal fats, like most mainstream soaps)

2. It’s biodegradable and safe.

The soap is made from all natural ingredients so it’s not dangerous to our environment. Many other soaps are made with petrochemicals, synthetic detergents, fake fragrances, fillers, and anti-bacterial components that can damage watershed health (and no one really knows what exposure to these untested chemicals do to our own bodies).

3. It’s organic and Fair-Trade.

Bronner’s has started their own coconut oil company in order to supply their own demand for high-quality organic oil. Their coconut, palm, and peppermint oils are sourced from their own companies in Sri Lanka, Ghana, and India, respectively; vertical integration like this ensures that they are getting the highest quality products with the best fair-trade values, and that farmers and workers are earning a fair price for their labor and goods.

4. It’s delicious.

Dr. Bronner’s now sells coconut oil too, great for cooking and for body care. You can find at your local natural foods store or buy online.

But this is not just a feel-good marginal brand: Dr. Bronner’s is the best selling brand of natural soap in the country, and the company is on track to reach $100 million in gross revenue in five years, according to this article in Inc. Magazine. They are also an activist company, working hard to support GMO labeling and legalization of hemp across the country. They have been in business for decades, and the company continues to grow significantly every year.

You can find Dr. Bronner’s whole product line online, at natural foods stores, and even at Target!

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