EWG Launches App for Healthier Body Care

EWG new app healthier body care

The Environmental Working Group has long been a go-to source for all things chemical related. The EWG has multiple databases that explain and rate the thousands of chemicals found in cleaners, body care products and even food. They’ve recently launched an app to allow you to scan individual products when you find them, to make choosing healthier body care products easier than ever before. Get the app from the Apple store or for Android.

EWG Launches App for Healthier Body Care

Did you know that most women use almost 100 chemicals on their body each day? While that number might seem scary, it’s even more frightening to know that most of the chemicals, stabilizers, preservatives, fragrances and other ingredients in our personal care products are simply not tested before being released. We’ve written about this many times before, and it’s explained best in the short film, The Story of Cosmetics. Here are some of the worst ingredients to avoid for cosmetics.

Think that 100+ number is too high? Let’s look at a typical day: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen, body lotion, shaving products, handsoap, dishsoap and dozens more if you include makeup, each with at least a few dozen ingredients. And it’s not just adults that face this: shampoo, diaper cream, lotion and more cover our little ones from head to toe with barely regulated chemical concoctions. The ingredients may have been tested (or not), may cause problems for our endocrine (hormone) systems, and may bioaccumulate in our bodies with unknown consequences over time.

Lucky for us we have EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. It is the world’s largest safety reference tool for personal-care products, and their new app will provide users with easy-to-navigate safety ratings at your fingertips for a wide range of products and ingredients on the market. We here at Vibrant Wellness Journal believe it’s the right of consumers to know exactly what’s in their products and how it might impact our health. EWG can help you make informed purchasing decisions — and help transform the marketplace. Voting with your dollars for healthy, safe, natural products shows manufacturers there is demand for clean products, helps them develop better products and increases our options.

The new EWG Skin Deep app has information and online safety assessments for more than 72,000 personal care products, 2,500 brands and 9,000 ingredients, culled from product labels and from the scientific and industry literature. Each score is calculated
based on the hazards of each ingredient, evaluated against other products in the database. The safest products score well by both measures: a low hazard rating AND fair or better data availability. EWG’s ratings are the best available information you can find on the safety of personal-care product ingredients.

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