Avocados and Cholesterol: One more reason to eat more avocado!

Good news everyone! Avocados lower bad cholesterol.

Avocados and Cholesterol: One more reason to eat more avocados!

In case you needed another reason to eat more avocados, a new study looking at avocados and cholesterol had some promising results.

Avocados get sort of a bad rap in the world of healthy eating, because they are a high fat food. But more and more research is showing that heart health is less about the amount of fat you consume and more about the kind of fat that you eat. Within reason.

A recent study published earlier this month in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that overweight people who ate a moderate-fat and moderate-calorie diet had lower bad cholesterol numbers if their daily diet included one Haas avocado. This study backs up earlier research linking avocados to lower cholesterol levels.

Mary Gerush at our sister site Eat Drink Better wrote about the study last week. Her piece is below!


Eat an Avocado a Day to Keep Bad Cholesterol at Bay

Good news everyone! Avocados lower bad cholesterol.by Mary Gerush, Eat Drink Better

We’ve long known about the healthy characteristics of avocados. While they’re high in fat, it’s the heart-healthy kind. They have anti-inflammatory properties, particularly effective for treating arthritis symptoms. They help regulate blood sugar levels. High in fiber. Low in carbs and sugar. The list goes on and on.

And the news just got better. A new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that eating an avocado a day as part of a moderate‐fat, cholesterol‐lowering diet decreases bad cholesterol in obese and overweight adults.

Pennsylvania State University researchers put 45 obese or overweight adults on three different cholesterol-lowering diets for five weeks. One group ate a low-fat diet. Two ate moderate-fat diets similar in terms of protein, calories, and fat. The two moderate-fat diets differed in only one way: One group’s diet included a Hass avocado a day, while the other included the same amount of fat from other sources.

Researchers found a significantly higher decrease in LDL cholesterol levels in the group eating avocados. The avocado diet decreased LDL cholesterol about 14 milligrams per deciliter of blood, about twice the reduction realized as a result of the other moderate-fat and low-fat diets.

Great news for avocado lovers everywhere! But eaters beware: One serving of avocado is 1 ounce — about 1/5 of a medium avocado — and contains 50 calories. So be conscious of the calorie impact of adding an avocado a day to your diet.

If you’re looking for delicious ways to incorporate avocados into your diet, check out these recipes for Avocado Quesadillas, Quinoa, Kale, and Avocado Salad, and Avocado Salad Dressing.

P.S. The avocado is also awesome to use in natural beauty treatments. Learn how to make a moisturizing mask and fight frizzy hair at our sister site, Feelgood Style.

Will you be adding an avocado a day to your diet?

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