No Poo Method without Baking Soda is Totally Doable

No Poo Method without Baking Soda is Totally Doable

Are you getting a little bit disillusioned with the no poo method of natural hair care? So was I. Here’s how I made it better!

Your standard no poo method involves ‘washing’ your hair with baking soda, then rinsing that out completely and following up with a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse. I used this method on my hair for years, and it was great. Until I got pregnant and pregnancy hormones changed my hair.

Suddenly the no poo method didn’t work for me. My hair was like some kind of greasy straw. It took some searching to find a no poo method that would work for my new hair, but I totally nailed it. My kid is almost two now, and my hair has never looked better.

I originally shared this no baking soda no shampoo method over at our sister site Feelgood Style and thought that you all might like to try it, too!

No Poo Method with No Baking Soda

No Poo Method without Baking Soda is Totally DoableAfter lots of googling, I discovered that folks were having good results using castile soap – like Dr. Bronner’s – in place of shampoo. Castile soap is less harsh than commercial shampoos. It’s also super affordable. $19 for 32 ounces might not seem affordable, but remember that a tiny amount of castile soap goes a long way. A 32 ounce bottle lasts me months, since I only use a pea-sized amount twice a week to wash my hair.

I made the switch from baking soda to Dr. Bronner’s just over two years ago, and guys. My hair is awesome. No more dandruff, and it’s manageable for days after washing. If your hair is on the dry side, you can follow up with your favorite organic conditioner, but I’ve been able to get away with just using Dr. Bronner’s and nothing else.

Have you had to replace the baking soda in your no shampoo routine? I’d love to hear what you did and how it worked for you!

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