Minimalist Mindfulness: The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

Minimalist Mindfulness: The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

This 30 day minimalism challenge offers you a chance to find a slower pace and a more mindful, minimalist life.

Minimalist Mindfulness: The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

So it’s February, and this means most New Year’s resolutions have been long forgotten. Or perhaps you didn’t make any resolutions at all. If you are one of those that started the year with a slew of to-do lists and good ideas for a better self, but then got too busy to keep up with your grand ideas, this Minimalism Challenge from Into-Mind might be just the right thing to get you back on track towards a better, more mindful life. The 30-day Minimalism Challenge is a different type of challenge, one that seeks to make your life easier rather than more complicated, and can give you piece of mind rather than adding to your stress. I was particular drawn to this because the steps are so simple and yet can make such an awesome difference to bring mindfulness in daily life.

Anuschka from Into-Mind says she created this awesome list to help you “dip your toes into minimalist living.” Minimalist living is lighter on the planet, lighter on your budget, and generally better overall as it prioritizes focus over multi-tasking, intentionality instead of rushing, and mindfulness over materialism.

Minimalist Mindfulness: The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

Rather than thinking of this as a one-month only plan, a friend of mine actually suggested writing these onto notecards, and choosing one each day for the month, and perhaps even longer that. Some are easier than others, of course. Taking a whole day offline, or finding the time or organize your closet might actually be a bit daunting, so just do what you can, when you can, and see where the month takes you.

Minimalist Mindfulness: The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

Here are Anuschka’s rules and suggestions for the challenge. She recommends one each day, every day, in whatever order you like. She says not to skip a day, but that might be easier said than done. If you like the list, click here to download the print version. Here we’ve shared the first 15 tips; click here to find the remaining 15 tips.

1. Stay offline for one day: Social media, endless news streams and articles all drain our energy and keep us in a constant distracted state. So today: Log off and enjoy the calmness of staying disconnected.

2. Meditate for fifteen minutes: Meditation reduces stress and anxiety and gives you a ton of extra energy and mental clarity. Use an app like Headspace to give it a try today.

3. Declutter your digital life: Take care of your digital clutter today: Spring-clean your desktop, delete any files you don’t need anymore and set up a simple, no-fuss folder structure. Also, storing all those photos, notes and old documents uses a lot more energy than you think!

4. No-complaint day: Complaining is never productive and a catalyst for negative thought patterns. Challenge yourself to not complain about small stuff today. Either accept the situation and move on, or find a solution.

5. Identify your 3-6 main priorities: Above all, minimalism is about figuring out what matters most to you in life and how to add more of that to your day-to-day routine. Today: Dig deep and make a list of your 3-6 top priorities in life.

6. Follow a morning ritual: Start your day with a relaxing and energising morning ritual, instead of immediately checking your email or social media feeds. Meditate, write, do yoga or read a book. Here’s six tips for a better morning routine!

7. Streamline your reading list: Downsize your reading list, unsubscribe and remove bookmarks. Keep only sources that are meaningful to you and that add something to your day.

8. Learn to enjoy solitude: Spend at least 3 hours (ideally more) alone, without social media or background chatter from the TV. Pay attention to what it feels like to be in complete solitude and, if you like, write down your thoughts.

9. Downsize your beauty collection: Tackle your beauty products today! Write a list of everything you use on a regular basis from the top of your head (without checking your beauty cabinets). Throw out or give away everything else. Not only is it taking up space, many of the products are probably full of toxic ingredients.

10. No email or social media until lunch: Use your most productive hours of the day to get shit done and resist checking your feeds until lunch time. Then celebrate how much more you accomplished!

11. Evaluate your commitments: Write down all of your regular commitments, i.e. memberships, side projects and other responsibilities. Then be honest: Which of these do you only keep up out of obligation and which do you truly enjoy or are meaningful to you?

12. Define your goals for this year: Setting goals keeps you from living in a reactive, passive way and helps you align your daily actions with your true priorities. Today, set aside at least thirty minutes to select 1-3 big, exciting goals for this year.

13. Clean out your closet: Reserve a full afternoon to go through your wardrobe piece-by-piece and get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel confident and inspired. Check out this workbook if you feel like your wardrobe could use a revamp.

14. Take a step towards learning a new skill: Learning expands your horizon and can be so much fun! Today, pick a skill you have always been curious about, gather whatever you need and get started!

15. Examine your daily habits: Today, take a closer look at your everyday habits, from your morning routine to the way you work to your evening activities. Which habits could you improve, which should you drop, which new ones could you pick up?

Click here to find the remaining 15 tips.

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