Plant-Based Bacon, 9 Ways

Plant-Based Bacon, 9 Ways

Plant-Based Bacon, 9 Ways

Last week we shared some solid reasons to stop eating so much bacon. But let’s be real, y’all. People love bacon. That’s because bacon is delicious. The good news for animals, the planet and our health is that you can make plant based bacon to sate your craving.

I originally shared this list of plant-based alternatives to conventional bacon over at Eat Drink Better. Check out the list below, and let us know your favorite one!

Below are links to recipes for all of the vegan bacon options listed in the Vegan Street graphic. Some of the links I’m providing aren’t the same sites listed above. Where possible, I wanted to link to recipes that I’ve made and liked.  I also replaced any pre-packaged vegan bacons with recipes to make your own.

Plant-Based Bacon, 9 Ways

1. Raw Jicama Bacon

2. Shiitake Mushroom Bacon

3. Eggplant Bacon

4. Zucchini Bacon

5. Tempeh Bacon

6. Coconut Bacon

7. Seitan Bacon

8. Baked Carrot Bacon

9. Tofu Bacon

Which vegan bacon recipe is your favorite? Or have you made vegan bacon from something not listed above? Tell us about it!

Image Credit: Vegan Street

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