Strengthen Your Immune System by Ditching These 3 Foods

Strengthen your immune system by ditching these 3 foods.

Strengthen your immune system by eliminating these three harmful foods from your diet. 

Strengthen your immune system by ditching these 3 foods.

It’s been a brutal cold and flu season this year, and you might feel a bit helpless to protect yourself and your family from illness. Whatever the problem is, ultimately you can protect yourself. That is, “Strengthen your own immune system!” Eliminating these harmful foods from your diet is a great start.

Strengthen your immune system by ditching these 3 foods.

1. Sugar

Sugar is one of he biggest immune weakening foods. Studies – like this one –  have shown that after ingesting sugar, the white blood cells (major immune cells) are temporarily paralyzed. Related: Learning to Life Without Sugar

Generally, viruses and bacteria are more attracted to sugary liquid in the lab tests. In other words, the higher the blood sugar level, the more susceptible you become to infections. In fact, diabetics are more prone to infectious diseases.

Refined (white) sugar requires huge amount of vitamins (especially B vitamins) and minerals (calcium) for its metabolism, which also leads to nutritional deficiency and overall immune weakening. Not to mention, virus, bacteria and even cancer cells thrive and grow on sugar.

Sugar not only makes you vulnerable to infections, but also delays the healing process. Just cutting down on sugar (or no sugar at all is even better) can be a big protection from pathogens.

Strengthen your immune system by ditching these 3 foods.

2. Alcohol

A hot toddy is a traditional cold and flu remedy, but alcohol actually weakens your immune system making your body less able to fight bacteria and viruses. Even a day after you’ve had too much to drink, your immune system is compromised.

3. Meat, Dairy, and Eggs

Like sugar, these are highly inflammatory foods, they also create acidic conditions inside your body. Acidic blood is a perfect hotbed for viruses to thrive and grow.

Meat and dairy mess up your intestinal flora, too. The result? Your gut becomes more attractive to virus and bad bacteria, while having less good bacteria to fight against those pathogens.

These foods also require tremendous energy for digestion, so your body is using potential immune-boosting enzymes for digesting those heavy foods instead of fighting off viruses. Another condition for delayed healing.

Strengthen Your Immune System

First and foremost, stay away from the foods mentioned above, as much as you can. Eat simple, alkaline forming foods. A healthy, balanced diet centered around vegetables and whole grains supports immune health. Especially beta-carotene rich vegetables, like pumpkins and carrots, are shown to have anti-infection effect. You can restore low levels of vitamins with oral supplements or Vitamin IV therapy. IV treatments have the added benefits of rehydrating your body and helping your body flush out toxins, further supporting a healthy immune system.

Also, chewing is one of the easiest way to protect from infections. Saliva contains very strong antiseptic agents, and also stimulate thymus gland to produce T cells, a main immune cells.

Umeboshi plum has also a very strong antiseptic effect (and stimulates saliva release!). This pickle from Japan is called King of Alkaline, which neutralizes the acid-forming effect of other foods. Miso soup is another great alkaline forming food, and full of probiotics to create healthy intestinal flora.

If You Do Get Sick…

Be more strict about reducing or fully eliminating sugar, eggs, meat and dairy, until your condition improves. Fruits, despite the common belief, are not effective in this case and could even worsen your healing process due to their high sugar content. Eat less food in general and keep yourself slightly hungry to stimulate your pituitary gland and focus your energy on healing instead of digestion

Have umesho bancha tea every morning (recipe in the link!), which is a great remedy for prevention and healing for infectious diseases, and include miso soup in your daily meal. Other warming, healing foods are vegetable broth (not bone broth, it’s a myth), miso soup, and homemade ginger tea – all of these are really warming and soothing.

Since I started to eat healthily, I never had a bad cold or flu, without flu shot. Ultimately, your health is your own responsibility. So please strengthen your immune system to protect yourself, and enjoy the rest of the season.


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