6 Vegan Whipped Cream Options

Who doesn't need a little bit of sweetness in their life? We've rounded up 6 vegan whipped cream options for all you dessert lovers out there.

Who doesn’t need a little bit of sweetness in their life? We’ve rounded up 6 vegan whipped cream options for all you dessert lovers out there.

Who doesn't need a little bit of sweetness in their life? We've rounded up 6 vegan whipped cream options for all you dessert lovers out there.

But first, why would one want to choose a dairy-free whipped cream? Maybe you’re lactose intolerant, and can’t digest the complex proteins found in cows milk. Maybe you just don’t like dairy, and need to find a delicious alternative. Or, perhaps you’ve learned that animal agriculture is terrible for our planet, and that animal foods like milk, meat and cheese are directly linked to lifestyle diseases like heart disease, cancer and obesity? Or many you’re just tired of the terrible ‘food-like substances’ that have been sold to us for decades and want a more natural alternative?

Regardless of your reason, dairy-free whipped cream is the way to go, and we can help you get there! Read on for tutorials and reviews of the most popular vegan whipped cream options.

1. Homemade Coconut Whipped Cream

homemade coconut whip cream
homemade coconut whip cream, a tutorial from Oh She Glows

For the most delicious and natural option, the solution is to DIY (do it yourself). Angela from Oh She Glows has a great, step-by-step photo tutorial to help you make coconut whip quickly and easily.

For a quicker version, watch this great video from Tasty about how to make the coconut whipped cream magic in your kitchen. Find out which coconut milk makes the best cream in this evaluation from Against all Grain.

2. Tru-Whip, a Cool Whip alternative

For Cool-Whip fans, Tru-Whip is the vegan alternative. Our friends at Eat Drink Better have written an extensive review of this product and we encourage you to check it out.

2. So Delicious Coco-Whip

bigorigcocowhipA reader wrote in to let us know that Tru-Whip is actually not vegan, since it contains sodium caseinate, which is derived from milk. Lucky for us, since this post was originally published, So Delicious has released a coco-whipped topping, which is dairy, gluten, and totally organic.

3. RiceMellow Cream

ricemellow cremeNot a true whipped cream, but a vegan marshmallow alternative that works for topping hot chocolate, as the main ingredient in homemade vegan rice crispy treats, and so much more. I’ve used this product a few times and love the fluffy consistency, the super sweet marshmallow flavor, and the fact that it’s made from brown rice syrup.

4. Macadamia Nut Whip

Surely the priciest option, but one of the most incredible options for dairy-free and soy-free whipped cream. I learned this recipe from my former coworker at Down to Earth. She has made dozens of yummy desserts, and many of them feature this creamy, dense and uber-delicous topping for raw and cooked desserts. Find the recipe for Raw Macadamia Nut Whipped Cream here.

5. Soy (and Rice) Whipped Cream

soy whipped cream rice whipped creamSoy whipped cream can be found in most major grocery stores and probably all health food stores too. It’s more pricey than traditional whipped cream but those with dairy aversions will rejoice in how similar it is in both texture and flavor. There is even an version made with rice milk, so those with soy allergies can indulge in soy-free, dairy-free yums.

6. Tofu Whipped Topping

Silken tofu, which is great for all sorts of desserts, makes a great creamy topping for pudding, pies and as a dipping sauce for fruit. Simply blend a box of silken tofu with some vanilla extract or vanilla bean powder, a sprinkle of liquid or dry sweetener, and blend in the food processor. A soft silken tofu will create a fluffier topping, but a firm tofu will make a great stand-alone dessert, as in this Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie.

Which vegan whipped cream is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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