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I’ve long been a fan of green tea, one of the many facets of my serious tea passion. A few years ago I quit caffeine for health reasons, but have recently been integrating it back into my life.

My favorite caffeinated beverage of choice has always been green tea, and I recently discovered matcha tea and quickly added to my rotation, because it has amazing health benefits and because the bright green, earthy flavor is just so appealing during the autumn months. I wanted to expand my matcha experience and so I connected with the good folks at Rishi Tea and they sent me a super generous gift box of green tea goodness.

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Rishi matcha green teaRishi offers an array of tea products of black, Pu-erh, white and oolong varieties. This awesome sampler pack included a bunch of matcha green tea so in addition to just sampling these goodies, I have lots of matcha recipes to explore in the coming months.

My favorite of this bunch is the Matcha Super Green Tea blend, easily the most delicious green tea I’ve ever tried. Made with Sencha leaves and matcha, the combination is at once sweet and darkly flavorful, and has a serious caffeine kick that I can only handle on the weekends. This blend comes loose leaf and in bags. The loose leaf is recommended to be brewed at 1 Tablespoon for 1 cup of water, but I usually do about one heaping teaspoon for a full, rich cup without the insane buzz.

Their Teahouse Matcha is produced following stringent standards, and fits the into the ceremonial grade category. Many of the Rishi teas are certified organic, and all are made with extraordinary care to match the matcha with exactly what you would find in Japan. The green tea used for their matcha is sourced from micro-lots produced exclusively for Rishi Tea, and ground on hand-carved granite wheels used only for organic matcha.

rishi sweet matcha teaThe Sweet Matcha offers the same care and matcha health benefits, but with a dose of cane sugar to sweeten the deal. Normally I don’t like to use sugar, but the dark green flavor of match definitely benefits from a swirl of sweetener, whether you choose stevia, honey or sugar.

You can learn more about the intensive cultivation and harvesting process of matcha here from Rishi, and read more about how to use matcha in your life in my matcha green tea post here.

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