Eating Clean in 2016 at Cookspace Hawaii

eating clean in 2016 with andrea bertoli

I’m starting out the new year helping people learn the basics of eating clean in 2016 with a workshop at Cookspace Hawaii. We’ll help you make healthier choices to feel better everyday in 2016.

eating clean in 2016 with andrea bertoli
hey, that’s me!

Eating Clean in 2016 will be hosted January 16 at Cookspace, a workshop and dining venue in Honolulu. In this tw0-hour workshop, I will be teaching how to make the most of plant-based recipes for easy meal planning and quick, wholesome meals. Every recipe is vegan, affordable, and super easy to make.

eating clean in 2016 with andrea bertoli
pumpkin miso soup

This hands-on class workshop will give you the tips and recipes to eat clean and have a great 2016! We’ll cover the importance of healthy meals and snacks at home, at the office, or on the go, and share key tips to plan meals ahead so you’ll stay full, reduce sugar in your diet, and keep your blood sugar balanced. I will cover the basics of cooking and prepping versatile ingredients so you’ll always have healthy foods on hand for quick meals.

We did a private event featuring these same recipes a few days ago, and the owner asked me for the top three things people can do to improve their health in 2016. I loved this question, and it’s something that I would tell all my readers and friends too. Eating clean (or cleaner, at least) in 2016 can start with just three important (but easy) steps:

3 Steps to a Eating Clean in the New Year

1. Eat more Fiber

Fiber is one of the most important parts of a healthy diet, and most Americans are getting about half of the recommended dose each day. Increased fiber is linked to weight loss, reduced risk of breast cancer and lower cholesterol. Whether you choose to boost your fiber with lentils, whole grains, vegetables (see the recipes below) or just take a daily fiber supplement, happy poops are the key to a happy body.

2. Eat less sugar

This might be the hardest one on the list, but eating less sugar is very important for people of all ages. All our foods are over sweetened, and studies have shown that very often we actually addicted to it. Get some of my favorite tips for reducing sugar in your diet, and learn more here about how reducing sugar can have a drastic effect on your body.

3. Eat more vegetables and fruits

If you already eat a lot of fruits and veggies, great! But you could always add more. Whether you start your meals with a big salad, or just try a new veggie each week at the farmer’s market, adding more fruits and veggies into your diet helps you boost your fiber, increase vitaminds and minerals, and reduce your risk of cancer. Vegetables can also make you happy!

eating clean in 2016 with andrea bertoli
whole grain salads

The recipes for the class will include some of my favorites from my cooking class archives:

Green Smoothie Basics
Whole Grain & Fresh Herbs Salad
Pumpkin Miso Soup
Homemade Superfood Energy Balls
Tomato Coconut Lentils
Healthy Hummus Basics

What is Cookspace?

Cookspace is a unique and fun venue in Honolulu, offering private and public classes, workshops and parties. It’s a gorgeous 1,000 square foot cooking studio and event venue offering cooking classes, tastings, and bespoke culinary experiences. In collaboration with Sub-Zero and Wolf, CookSpace is equipped with a demonstration kitchen, four hands-on stations and communal sit-down dining for 32 guests.

You can find them at Ward Warehouse, a retail complex in the heart of Kaka’ako, a shopping and art district a few miles from Waikiki. The studio is available as a private event space and for photo and video shoots. [Editor’s Note, 2019: Cookspace has now closed].

You can register for the class by emailing Cookspace or calling them at (808) 695-2205. Learn more about all their classes and events (note: not all events are vegan/vegetarian)


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