Silencing Your Inner Critic with Melissa Ambrosini

melissa ambrosini

Does your inner critic rule your life? What does your inner critic say to you..?

You’re not ready to launch your own business. 

You’re not pretty enough to find a partner.

You’re not smart enough to land the promotion. 

Statements like these come from our inner critic, and even if we don’t feel these exact sentiments, learning to tune in and fight back against this negative self-talk is key to living your best, happiest life.

I first heard of Melissa Ambrosini on the Crave Cast with functional nutritionist Alexandra Jamieson, and I really resonated with Ambrosini’s sublime message of self-love and her mission to help us all fight our inner mean girl (or boy). Not only is Ambrosini full of light and love, her adorable Aussie accent made her easy to listen to. You guys have to check out the Crave Cast podcast!

melissa ambrosini

After hearing the podcast, I landed a copy of the book to review and share with you! And I’m so glad I did. Generally I am skeptical of self-help type books, because I feel like so much of it is common knowledge or intuitive, and it comes off as so cheesy. But in the past few months I’ve been doing some of my own self-love work, along with a great group of girlfriends providing suggested reading, mantras, and support; Ambrosini’s book came to me at just the right time.

While her tone is a bit cheerleadery for my taste, I did find her uber-sunny personality really grew on me, and the book reads like a love letter from your best friend. Indeed, that is how Ambrosini– a coach, author, and speaker– brands herself. She says she is, “the straight-talking, ass-kicking, pump-you-up bestie you never had” with a mission to inspire women across the globe to create a heart-centred life that is wildly wealthy (in happiness, contentment, joy– not money), fabulously healthy and bursting with love.

Your inner mean girl (your ego, your inner critic) is always with you: but it’s up to you if you let her drive the car, or make her take a backseat.

inner mean girl book coverAmbrosini takes on the topic that we often don’t acknowledge– that we are our worst enemy. Whether you’re worried about your love life, your career, or your health, it’s often our own self-talk that keeps us living in a state of fear.

Our inner critic– the consistent chatter that takes over our thoughts and ambitions, can be really self-destructive if we continue to listen to it. Ambrosini advises us to choose LOVE every moment: choosing love for ourselves and love for others will bring us into alignment with our true selves, and help us find happiness.

“Love is our natural state, our birthright, and when we learn to live in alignment with it, life starts to flow a lot more effortlessly. In fact, when you choose love you’ll find you’re living a life greater than your wildest dreams.” 

My one criticism is that her guidelines are really based on what worked for her, and while this is inspiring, it also comes off a little braggy. She does reference other clients and women she’s worked with who have followed her programs that have had great success, but by using her own stories only, I imagine that it could turn some readers off since it might not apply to them, or they might not feel it’s attainable for whatever reason.

Overall, I think it was a fun, quick read, and one that I want to keep as reference for tough times, or to reference for some guided self-love mantras when my inner mean girl speaks up.

Check out some of her blog posts to get a peek at her inspirational writing and attitude, and to help you, too, master your inner mean girl.

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Images from Melissa Ambrosini on Facebook, Google+, and site. Thanks to Tarcher for a review copy of the book. 

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