Eating Vegan at Wanderlust Squaw Valley

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“Excuse me, did you say vegan kale sliders? Yeah, I’ll take six.”

As a festival goer who happens to be vegan, I have come to expect my eating options at festivals to be pretty limited. I usually watch my friends scarf greasy pizza slices, hot dogs, and unidentifiable meat on a stick, while I’m content with my garlic fries and the hummus wrap I smuggled in.

Wanderlust Squaw Valley
epic offerings at Wanderlust Squaw Valley from Imla’kesh Organics

Though Wanderlust isn’t your average festival. I was blown away by the vegan dining selections this month at the Wanderlust Squaw Valley summer festival. The food trucks were straight-up gourmet, with vegan options galore– everything from acai bowls and kombucha, to macha and cacao smoothies from Imlak’esh Organics, to killer Indian food (thank you, India Gourmet!) to raw pizza and kale salads from drool-worthy Lydia’s Kindfoods.

Wanderlust Squaw Valley
Adorable Emma from Imla’kesh Organics serves up good eats at Wanderlust Squaw

I even got to enjoy tamales– my one true addiction in life– and variety of nachos and bowls from Uncommon Kitchen and Electric Blue Elephant were just the hearty, savory, tasty, and nourishing meals needed to replenish after a day of mind and body work.

Lydia's Organics at Wanderlust Squaw Valley

Let’s not forget the samples and freebies from the vendors lining the Squaw Valley village. The Kashi tent was making it rain snack bars, and the crowds gathering around the Dr. Praegers booth eagerly awaited the freshly grilled vegan sliders they were handing out like candy to ravenous trick-or-treaters. The Tofurky tent was passing out BBQ tempeh and chick’n samples that would impress even the staunchest of carnivores.

alm-ice-vanillaKombucha samples from Health-Ade and KeVita were flowing too, Oh, and did I mention So Delicious Dairy Free was passing out not only coconut milk ice cream bars, but also ENTIRE PINTS of chocolate cookies n’ cream cashew milk ice cream. Christmas came early for this vegan.

The best part about clean festival food choices (versus fried, greasy grub) is how much better I felt each day. At a four-day event that features every type of yoga imaginable, along with slack-lining, trail runs, and meditation, one needs to remain nourished and light. Super flavorful salads and awesome smoothies from Imla’kesh Organics and Sambazon were great for light lunches in between the Move Your Asana morning yoga and the afternoon Four Foundations of Mindfulness mediation class.

Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2016 gets an A+ and a big high five for their multitude of vegan options. Can’t wait until next year!

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