Getting in the Flow with Envision Festival

We recently learned about the Envision Festival, and I honestly don’t know how I have lived this long and NOT heard about this incredible event.

Yoga. Music until dawn. Surfing. Permaculture. Mindfulness. Sustainability. These are a few of my favorite things, and these are the good things that the Envision Festival is founded upon. All the things that are sure to make this festival pretty much the best thing I’ve ever done.

envision festival

This year Envision will be held February 23-26 in Uvita, Costa Rica. Honestly, I have not always thought of myself as a ‘festival’ person, but a few years ago I really found my happy place (and really found my flow) while at another festival, and I think Envision promises to keep me in that magical, happy flow state for days on end. We were offered some media passes to check out this festival, and seriously, I couldn’t be more excited.

One of the things that attracted me most about Envision is that unlike other music festivals that are just about, um, music, Envision has a 8-fold vision that encompasses all the things we love about life:

Envision Festival

  • PERMACULTURE: End Single Use, Regenerative Design, Land Stewardship, Reforestation, Resource Management, Earthcare, PeopleCare, FareShare

  • SPIRITUALITY: Nature, Meditation, Ceremony, Consciousness, Energy

  • MOVEMENT: Dance, Yoga, Performance, Martial Arts

  • ART: Live, Visual, Installations, Digital, Expressive

  • MUSIC: Cross Cultural, Celebration, Composition, Sound Healing, Technology

  • COMMUNITY: Collaboration, Participation, Diversity, Intercultural, Safety, Family

  • HEALTH: Nutrition, bodywork, herbal medicine, energy work, organic & local food

  • ECO BUILDING: Minimum Impact, Renewable materials, integrated systems design, ethical labor sourcing. We love green building generally, but love even more that this festival uses all local, renewable building materials to build out the festival.

Envision offers a range of activities for festival goers (about half of whom are from Costa Rica!):

  • Excellent music and dancing with artists and DJs, including my new favorite music babes, Rising Appalachia
  • Healing sanctuary: Free herbal clinic, herbal elixir bar, Village Witches educational trainings, and Herbal First aid tent and Temple of the Moon (also referred to as the Red Tent), a space specifically for all who identify as womb’yn to celebrate the pure essence of femininity
  • Permaculture workshops with founder Stephen Brooks and Rising Appalachia
  • Extensive yoga classes with world-renowned teachers
  • Performance Art and Immersive theatre
healing modalities abound in the Healing Sanctuary
envision festival
Herbal Elixirs in the herbal first aid

So… you guys! In a few weeks we are headed out to CR to experience the abundance! I’ve not been to Costa Rica before, but my sweetie has spent a ton of time there. He is just as excited as me (maybe more so!), since he’s not been back for years and he really loves the festival vibes, having spent a few years at Burning Man and other music festivals.

This event seems like the perfect mix for us both: surfing for us both, music and dancing until dawn for him, yoga and circus shenanigans for me. If you’re not yet convinced that it’s the perfect event for you, take a peek at the awesomeness here in their Gallery.

We’ll keep you updated on the festival happenings via my Instagram, @VibrantWellness

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on the web. Grab tickets here.

Happy Envision-ers
Pretty much my ideal happy place. Come join me!

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