The Ultimate Vegan Diet for Longer, Stronger, and Gorgeous Hair

You’ve probably asked yourself this question many times: how does one have gorgeous, healthy hair?

You’ve maybe suffered from far too many bad hair days in your life and have just about had it with chemical-laden hair products or expensive treatments. But what if I tell you that the answer to the age-old question above is simple? Change your diet.

The cliché has always been and still is true: you are what you eat. To improve your hair (as well as your skin and general well-being), all you really need to do is to pick up a fork and dig into a delicious salad of leafy greens. Why turn to vegetables instead of animal sources, which are often touted as beauty foods? Well, vegan food is just as packed with nutrients that can be beneficial for your overall health. Plus, a vegan diet is much friendlier to the environment than a meat-inclusive one. If you want to have healthy, gorgeous locks, include the following foods in your daily menu:

The Ultimate Vegan Diet for Longer, Stronger, and Gorgeous Hair

Kale for Healthy Hair

If you aren’t already eating kale on the regular, you should start now. Aside from preventing diseases like diabetes and cancer, kale, as it turns out, can also do wonders for your hair. It is rich in B vitamins and irons, and its vast store of nutrients ensures that your body gets everything it needs for optimal hair growth.

Avocados for Healthy Hair

There’s a reason why avocados are suddenly getting an amazing buzz among foodies all over the world. Dietary experts are lauding avocado as the new superfood. It is not only beneficial for the heart and mind, but it is also great for the skin and hair.

Chia seeds for Healthy Hair

Chia seeds are great sources of protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, B vitamins, and some essential minerals and antioxidants. They also contain amino acids, which in turn make it easier for our body to absorb the protein found in the seeds. Protein, as you may already know, is essential for hair growth and reducing breakage.

Almonds for Healthy Hair

Almonds are another superfood that is a rich source of protein. They are also rich in vitamin E, which improves your hair’s level of moisture and elasticity. The more moisturized your locks are, the more they will resist dryness and breakage.


Cucumber for Healthy Hair

Cucumber is known to be a good source of silica, a mineral that promotes beautiful and healthy skin, nails, and hair. It improves the body’s collagen, so it is also helpful in preventing damage and breakage in your hair. It also has natural cooling qualities, so in the summer when the days are especially hot and your hair becomes prone to damage, indulge in cucumbers more often.

The Ultimate Vegan Diet for Longer, Stronger, and Gorgeous Hair

Include the above superfoods in your daily diet, and in just a few weeks, you’ll be able to see good results for your hair and overall well-being. Aside from changing your diet, you’ll also need to lessen your hair’s exposure to harmful chemicals and treatments and frequent heat styling. There are ways you can still look gorgeous even with minimal styling and effort, such as when you use hair extensions from Human Hair Extension Online.

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