Easy Maca Elixir for Boosted Energy

maca elixir

I’ve written a lot about maca before: I think it’s an awesome supplement that tastes great, and I feel a really clear difference in my health when I regularly consume maca. This easy Maca Elixir is the best way to enjoy this superfood!

easy maca elixir

For a really thorough review of all the health benefits of maca, check out my detailed post here on Insteading. Basically, we’re looking at a supplement that helps balance your hormones, reduce PMS, make you happier, boost your energy, and (allegedly) spike your libido. Yeah, that’s a lot of magic in one little root!

One of the things I love about it is that it’s pretty easy to use: it’s a powder that can be used in a lot of different recipes, and the flavor plays well with chocolate, coffee, fruit, caramel, coconut, vanilla, and so much more. I think it tastes like caramel and malt, although I’ve realized over the years that it might take a few times for newcomers to acquaint themselves with its unique and slightly bitter flavor. I’ve stirred it into smoothies and blended in decaf mocha drinks, sifted into hot chocolate and processed into energy bars.

Lately one of my favorite ways to enjoy this awesome superfood is to make a very simple maca elixir drink that my bestie in SF always makes for me when I travel to see her. It includes just maca, hot water, and a little bit of liquid stevia for sweetness. This is the quickest way to imbibe this awesome supplement. It would be an excellent replacement for that first cup of coffee in the morning, and it’s also good later in the afternoon, if you get that little crashy sleepy feeling but still have hours of work to go.

Maca can boost your energy, so I do not recommend maca close to bedtime. However, taken regularly, it may help you sleep by balancing hormones and helping your adrenals. As an adaptogenic herb, it helps support your adrenals, and can help calm you down or boost you up, depending on what your body needs in the moment.

easy maca elixir
This easy maca elixir can help you ground and nourish yourself, so get your journal ready!

Easy Maca Elixir for Instant Boosted Energy

1 Tablespoon of maca powder (my favorite brand is Terrasoul Organics)
1 cup water, just off the boil
1 Tablespoon of your favorite vegan creamer (here’s my favorite) or plant-milk
2-4 drops liquid stevia (I like this brand – recommended by that same bestie!)

  1. Pour in a few tablespoons of the hot water into a mug or jar. Using a whisk or fork (I use my matcha whisk), stir until no clumps remain. Alternatively, shake in a jar or blend in a blender or frother.
  2. Add remaining water, then creamer, and stevia. Stir to combine, and adjust creamer or stevia if needed.
  3. Drink immediately, then embrace the day and self-love yourself!

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