3 Ways CBD Has Helped Me Sleep: A Customer Testimonial

By Kevin Lewis

It seems like more and more as I get older (and busier), I have trouble sleeping. For some reason, I can’t fall asleep, and so I spend most of the night just tossing and turning. It’s not because I’m not tired; in fact, it seems the more tired I get, the harder it is for my body to rest. Anxiety begins to race as I run over the day’s problems in your head. At first, I resist the urge to get up or to check the time, but eventually, I cave. Big mistake: as soon as I realize how little time I actually have before I have to get up, the sleep anxiety becomes even worse. No way I will get a wink- or be productive the next day.

Everyone suffers from occasional restless nights, but I know I’m not the only one for which nights like this one are all too common. Insomnia is one of the most common afflictions across the world, with millions of Americans suffering from at least occasional sleeplessness. And since it can range from the mildly irritating to the completely debilitating, people spend billions of dollars collectively to combat their sleep problems. Several massive industries have popped up touting to help – claiming you need a new mattress, or to try this homeopathic remedy, or that pharmaceutical one, etc… I’ve tried so many things. Yet, year after year, people like me continue to struggle with insomnia. Sometimes it has just seemed like something that will always be part of my life.

However, after hearing about CBD, I’m feeling positive changes coming. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has become very popular the last few years. It’s been used to help with a huge – and diverse – array of conditions. Patients with epilepsy use it to block their seizures. Arthritis sufferers use CBD in a topical cream to help ease their condition, as do other people who live with chronic pain. CBD has even been touted to shrink cancerous tumors, so with all of these benefits, it’s not stretch that it has also been used to help people struggling with sleeplessness.

Though I’ve always struggled with sleeplessness, I have never been keen to take pharmaceuticals to treat it. However, CBD comes from a plant, and has virtually no side effects- so I decided to give it a try. It’s not a pharmaceutical, and it’s safe and non-habit forming, so I figured, why not give it a shot? I ordered Zen Night CBD sleep tincture from Güüd Manufacturing and decided to start adding it to my nightly routine.

Here are 3 ways CBD has helped me sleep:

Help With Anxiety

I was never sure if anxiety was the root cause of my sleeplessness, but I didn’t need a doctor to understand that there was a deep connection. Anxiety can keep you from falling asleep, or cause you to wake up a lot earlier than you need to. One of my biggest problems was anxiety about sleeping itself; if I worried I wasn’t going to get enough sleep, that would keep me awake at night! CBD is known for its calming properties, and this alone is probably enough to bring relief for insomnia to millions of people.

I wanted to see if I’d be any calmer, so I took my CBD sleep tincture and started with the suggested three drops about two hours before I intended to go to bed. Actually, the idea of taking CBD itself made me a little nervous, although I quickly realized it shouldn’t have. I wondered if I would feel tired? Or maybe I would start feeling “high” or “stoned;” I had done my homework and although I knew intellectually that CBD didn’t do this, I had yet to try it for myself.

It took the CBD a short while to kick in – probably about half an hour or so – but after that, I definitely noticed a difference. All the worries and pressures that kept me up at night just weren’t there – a sort of a “zen” sense of calm. I wasn’t sure at first if it was actually helping me, or was simply a really impressive display of the placebo effect, because I never felt like I was under the influence of a drug. I waited to see if there would be any side effects, but none presented themselves. That night, I fell asleep easily and slept like a baby.

No More Daytime Tiredness

The first night with CBD had seemed to be a success, but I still wasn’t sure if it was a placebo effect in action or not. The following night, I decided to increase the dose slightly, to four drops. Sure enough, by the time bedtime rolled around, I wasn’t obsessing about the day’s troubles in the way that I often did. I was simply ready for bed, and fell asleep.

The third night, I decided to stick with four drops. If you try CBD yourself, you may find that you have different needs. At any rate, the third night was another good one, and after three nights, I was noting another benefit: my tiredness and lethargy during the day was going away.

Perhaps because my sleep cycle was so screwed up in the past, I usually never truly felt rested during the day. Often, by the late afternoon when I returned from work, I’d need an hour nap. After my nap, I’d feel groggy and useless for another hour. Of course, by the time the night came, I was wide awake. One thing my CBD sleep tincture had helped with was to normalize my sleep schedule. During the day, I was alert and awake, and during the night, I was sleeping soundly. It sounds simple, but it was very new to me.

No More Chronic Pain

Physical pain was another obstacle that kept me awake during the night. CBD has been used to treat everything from arthritis to diabetic neuropathy, and of course, pain makes it difficult to sleep at night. I suffer from chronic pain in my shoulder, as the result of an old injury, and occasionally, it will make getting comfortable at night absolutely impossible. It took me a few nights to even realize it, but when I’d take the CBD, I would never struggle with trying to rest on my shoulder. It seemed like the CBD had worked wonders for that too.

Ultimately, adding a CBD sleep tincture to my nightly routine has proven to be one of the best things I could have done for myself. Not only do I sleep better at night, but I am more awake and alert – and free of pain – during the day than ever before. My body feels good, I’m less stiff, and I’m feeling great about this new regimen.

About the Author: Kevin Lewis is a real customer of GuudMfg, a CBD company out of Grass Valley, OR. Kevin is a mountain biking enthusiast, writer, and animal-lover.


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