MINERAL Educates People on the Benefits of CBD for Anxiety

MINERAL Educates People on the Benefits of CBD for Anxiety

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD can not get you high.

CBD has a vast array of health benefits, and our bodies are programmed to naturally respond to it. In fact, CBD is naturally produced by the human body and is even a component of breast milk. Incredibly, cannabinoids are essential for the healthy growth and proper development of newborn babies. Despite all of the benefits of CBD, it’s not surprising that there is still a lot of controversy surrounding anything to do with cannabis.

MINERAL Educates People on the Benefits of CBD for Anxiety

Common Misconceptions Surrounding CBD

Unfortunately, many people automatically assume that since CBD is derived from cannabis, it will get you high. For many years, anything to do with cannabis was classified as a Schedule I drug, the same as heroin and cocaine. Since anything to do with cannabis was illegal, funding to research the benefits of CBD was not available. Only in the last few years has the general public become aware of the scientific studies exploring the benefits of CBD and cannabis.

Benefits of CBD

Many people use CBD as a natural treatment for anxiety, PTSD, and pain. CBD anxiety treatments are particularly effective. However, there is a growing body of scientific research indicating that cannabidiol shows promise as an effective treatment for more serious conditions as well.

Just take a look at one of the many videos on YouTube showing parents treating their child’s epilepsy with CBD oil. Miraculously, these videos show that an active seizure can be completely stopped with CBD. In fact, well-known British DJ, epileptic, and cannabis activist Chelsea Leyland is currently working on a documentary concerning CBD’s effectiveness for epilepsy.

Likewise, when it comes to treating cancer, cannabis may have a profound impact on patient well-being when used alongside traditional cancer treatments. In fact, studies show that using CBD and THC with conventional cancer treatments could, in fact, be the optimum synergy for cancer treatment.

MINERAL Educates People on the Benefits of CBD for Anxiety

Where to Get CBD

MINERAL is a new breed of CBD producer that grows, cultivates, and formulates its own unique full-spectrum hemp formulas. In fact, MINERAL products have the highest bioavailability for balancing the body, mind, and emotions. For example, MINERAL’s CBD anxiety formula, BALANCE, is a cannabinoid formula rich in full-terpene expression. It can improve mood and reduce inflammation. It’s a blissful blend of not only cannabis oils but also fragrant and flavorful hints of citrus, raspberry, and jasmine.

MINERAL has a concept store in Austin, Texas; the space is sparse and modern, using elements of steel, cement, and glass to showcase MINERAL’s stylized look. This cannabis company has a community-centered approach and both serves as a store and hosts educational programs. By hosting events centered around plant-based wellness, MINERAL hopes to bring people together. By educating the public on how to accomplish improved personal and community well-being through plants, MINERAL hopes to use CBD to reduce anxiety in those new to the concept.

In the coming years, CBD is sure to become even more mainstream. For the time being, companies like MINERAL are working to dispel the myths surrounding this age-old secret to health and well-being.

This post was supported by MINERAL; images from the company, used with permission.

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