Review of Wild Beauty: Wisdom & Recipes for Natural Self-Care

Wild Beauty cover images

Wild Beauty cover imagesRecently I received a copy of Wild Beauty: Wisdom & Recipes for Natural Self-Care, by Jana Blankenship. As the title suggests, this book is wildly beautiful.

Blankenship, founder of the body care brand Captain Blankenship, has created the newest, most approachable written guide to all things natural beauty. 🌺

She’s been working with essentials oils as the foundation of homemade perfume and body care for decades, and has ton of great information to share with readers.

Blankenship shares detailed descriptions of how and why to use essential oils, and about the importance of natural body care more generally. She dives into some of the ingredients to avoid in conventional shampoo, soap, cleaners, and deodorant, and shares easy recipes for how to get started with making your own personal care items.

First and foremost, this book is really gorgeous. It’s beautifully designed, well-written, and enhanced with lovely photos of the natural environment and the simple recipes.

I’ve been working with essential oils and homemade body care for decades, so there wasn’t a ton of brand new information in this book for me – yet I still read it from cover to cover the first day I got it. Many of the recipe pages have been marked so that I can create some of the yummy body care recipes featured in the book. I cannot wait to spend time working with her creative recipes, like the Emerald Sea Detox Bath, enhanced with spirulina for a marine hue, and the cocoa spice mask, with the addition of activated charcoal, spices, and cacao. There are also some food-based recipes too, highlighting natural ingredients in really unique ways (a drink made with coconut + rose? Yes, please).

Wild Beauty detox bath

This book is perfect for those that are just starting their journey with natural or homemade body care, or are looking to learn more about the history of natural perfumery and personal care ingredients. This is a great resource. I had friends over last night and they were all interested in reading it – now I just need to decide who gets to read it first!

Grab the book here on Amazon!

Thanks to 10 Speed Press, one of my favorite publishers of delicious books, for the review copy.

Enjoy the book! 💕 Andrea

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