8 Healthy, Cozy Drinks for Fall Weather

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This time of year is always confusing for me: I live in a tropical climate (Hawaii!) and yet all I want is cozy drinks for Fall. It’s been a swelteringly hot September for us, yet my Instagram feed only shows pumpkin, squash, warming soups, cozy drinks and fuzzy slippers. There are already pumpkin displays at my local Whole Foods, but, it’s still definitely salad and smoothie weather on my island!

And yet, the craving for cozy drinks is strong: I just bought some dried turmeric today for my favorite fall drink (Turmeric Lattes); apparently there is a shortage of fresh turmeric right now, so dried will have to do. I’m daydreaming about other yummy cool-weather drinks too, so I wanted to create a list of my favorite cozy drinks for fall weather (assuming you’re starting to wear sweaters and slippers already, it’s perfect timing for you).

I love our very slight change of seasons and warm equinox weather. When the temperatures drop and the rains come in December, it does get cold (we call it, ‘Hawaii cold’). At those times I am inspired to make cool-weather foods and drinks like this: these cozy drinks I’ve created in my own kitchen, with mostly common ingredients, with the exception of some of my favorite superfood additions.

1. Turmeric Latte

how to make turmeric milk with fresh turmeric

Turmeric Lattes (or golden milk) is a spicy, warming, and so so so tasty cozy drink. In addition to being one of the most delicious drinks on this list, it’s also one of the healthiest. Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory food medicine, and all the herbs like ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom help digestion. I find this drink to be incredibly calming too, so it’s great after dinner and before bed. I have two recipes for making turmeric lattes with fresh ginger and turmeric, and you can find a link in that article for a dried mixture from one of my favorite wellness bloggers. Try making your own turmeric lattes using this recipe.

2. Matcha Lattes

the best match latte

Matcha is a yummy powdered green tea from Japan. It’s very high in antioxidants, and is great for quiet focus due to the high amounts of L-theanine. I’ve recently discovered decaf and low-caffeine matcha, so that means I can drink it after lunch for a solid afternoon of focused work. I prefer my matcha made with milk or vegan creamer, and sweetened with honey or stevia. Properly (traditionally) made matcha is quite savory and rich, and the creamer and sweetener makes it more palatable for my tastebuds. Find the recipe for my vegan matcha latte here

3. Maca Elixir

maca elixir

Similar name, very different drink. Matcha is green tea from Japan, while maca is a root from South America. It’s an incredible adaptogenic herb, one that I take as a daily supplement to help with hormones and stress. It has a caramel-like flavor (though some say it’s bitter at first taste), and pairs well with chocolate and coconut. I like it in my superfood Hot Chocolate (see below) but it’s also great as a quick elixir. Warming, nourishing, and energizing, this is one of my favorite (and quickest) cozy drinks. Get the recipe for my quick maca elixir here.

4. Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

vegan bulletproof coffee

This recipe always gets me excited: swapping the butter for high-fat coconut-based ingredients, you can have that famous bulletproof coffee to start your day. Loyal Bulletproof Coffee drinkers use the beverage as a means of weight loss or a morning energy boost.

I love the texture here, and few things are more cozy than a cup of creamy coffee. I rarely drink coffee as of late: it makes me too anxious, so feel free to try with decaf coffee or an herbal coffee of your choice. Find the recipe for vegan bulletproof coffee here.

5. Homemade Yogi Tea

homemade yogi tea

Deeply warming and totally nourishing, this easy to make yogi tea from fresh herbs is a great winter dessert or morning beverage. Using fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks and a few other herbs, you’ll create a sweet (thanks to the cinnamon) and delicious drink. It’s good plain or with milk and sweetener, and you can customize it based on your personal preferences (more ginger, less cinnamon, etc). I like to make a big batch (bonus: makes your house smell amazing), and leave on the stove during the day to sip on at all hours. Learn to make your own yogi tea here.

6. Jasmine Green Tea Lattes

tea latte

My favorite morning routine is my jasmine green tea; after 15 years of drinking this lovely beverage every morning with few exceptions, I was introduced to a way of making it EVEN MORE DELICIOUS: by blending into a tea latte. Any tea would be great here – think flowery rich Earl Grey, rooibos, and even a simple black tea. A little creamer, a little sweetener, and it’s truly heaven! Check out the details of making tea lattes here.

7. Rooibos Chai (Caffeine-Free)

homemade yogi tea

I love chai tea, but can’t deal with black tea after noon. So this herbal red chai, which uses warming rooibos tea, is naturally rich without the caffeine. This recipe calls for a lot of different herbs, so if you don’t have them all feel free to skip some of the less-common ones like star anise and peppercorns. Warm up with caffeine-free chai tea here.

8. Ginger Tea

How to Make Ginger Tea from Fresh Ginger - Learn how to make ginger tea from fresh ginger for delicious sipping as you harness this spice's natural healing properties!

This is probably the most easy recipe on my website, and yet it’s one of the most enduringly popular articles. This easy tea gives you all the warming and digestive benefits of fresh ginger, and it’s good morning or night. Learn the secret of fresh ginger tea here.

Bonus: Homemade Almond Milk

If you’re going to be making all these yummy drinks, it’s awesome to have homemade almond milk on hand. Made using just almonds and water, all you need is a blender or food processor. Homemade almond milk is so totally different than anything store bought, and brings an unparalleled richness to your drinks any time of year.  Read more about homemade almond milk.

Stay warm! 💕 Andrea

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