3 Coffee Benefits On Your Digestive System

Coffee is a beloved beverage consumed by millions every day across the world. In fact, the daily consumption of coffee in the USA alone is around 400 million cups. While many decide to go to a coffee shop to get their fix, there are a variety of great at-home coffee machines to get your caffeine intake, while also saving money.

Of course, be sure to pick the right one from Coffee or Bust to ensure your coffee is made just the way you like it. People love the various flavors, as well as the energy a cup of joe will give them.

However, in addition to tasting good and providing us with a boost of energy, coffee can also be great for our digestive systems. Below we’ve detailed some of the benefits that coffee can bring to your digestive system.

Coffee Can Help You Become More Regular

While it can often have the opposite effect for some, coffee generally makes people need to use the bathroom. This can be a huge assistance to those who are often constipated or struggle to maintain regularity.

The reason it does this is because caffeine has laxative-like properties to some, and because coffee can stimulate your muscles, which can increase peristalsis, which are the smooth muscle contractions that take place in the GI tract and move food along.

Coffee Can Assist in Reducing Inflammation in the Stomach

Our gut health is incredibly important to our digestive flow and to our overall health. If you have current gut health issues, it’s best to consult your medical professional as coffee can sometimes worsen digestive issues or lead to reflux, but for some it can be beneficial to overall health due to the antioxidant properties of coffee.

Coffee includes some helpful compounds that can change how your gut flora are composed. The growth of this flora, which is quite beneficial to your health, is what helps reduce the inflammation. Inflammation in the gut is awful as it can be incredibly painful and irritating to deal with.

Helps You Absorb Nutrients From the Food You Eat

Beverages like coffee and other bitter drinks can help you get more of the nutrients out of your food by helping the body release more gastrin.

This is a hormone that has an impact on how much hydrochloric acid winds up in your stomach. This acid is what breaks down things like carbs and proteins, and helps their components be absorbed into your body. While it won’t give your food more nutrients, it can help you get more from them.

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