8 Super Light Summer Salads

broccoli slaw recipe
eat your rainbow in the form of Broccoli Slaw

As we settle into Summer, fresh leafy greens and colorful raw veggies are at the peak of freshness. These are THE BEST foods for our body: full of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and tons of immune-boosting compounds (like antioxidants!) veggies are just, so hot right now.

Most of the year, I love making salads with grains, roasted veggies, and other heavier ingredients, but IDK about you, sometimes that’s just too much food during these hottest days of the year.

Cooling, hydrating veggies mixed together in clever, delicious ways are the perfect meal to help keep your body and brain in the best of health. This list of my favorite light Summer salads are unique recipes pulled from my archives, and feature some really cool combinations of dressings, veggies, and fun salad add-ins that will make these warmer months more delicious and more nourishing.

1. Beautiful Raw Broccoli Slaw

Once upon a time, I did not love raw broccoli, and yet this fluffy, bright salad changed all that. Process the veggies using a grater or food processor to make this come together quickly.

broccoli slaw recipe

2. Super Sprout Salad

Sprouts of all sorts come together in this powerfully healthy salad – sprouts are one of the healthiest things we can eat — they are literally growing green energy. Paired with some leafy greens and a fragrant flaxseed oil dressing, this comes together with minimum prep.

sprout salad miso dressing

3. Kelp Noodle Salad

Kelp noodles are cool and crisp — no cooking required. This is a really fun way to add this funky ingredient into your life and into your salads.

kelp noodle salad
delicious and nutritious kelp noodle and kale salad

4. Quick Carrot Salad 

Make the most of your pile of carrots with this incredibly vibrant-hued carrot-focused salad. I made with a cumin-spiked dressing here, but any type of light vinaigrette would be equally delightful.

Quick Carrot Salad

5. Colorful Cabbage Slaw with Almond Dressing

A soggy pile of coleslaw with mayo? No, thanks. A vibrant dish of red, green, orange, and white veggies tossed with a rich, nutty ginger dressing? Yes, definitely.

creamy almond dressing with hempseeds

6. Bok Choy Slaw with Peanut Dressing

Based on the recipe from above, but adapted for my cooking class videos, this one feature the extra crunch of bok choy and is tossed with a simple peanut dressing!

super fresh bok choi salad

7. Spinach Panzanella 

This robust salad features flavorful bread chunks to make it more of a meal-salad. I love how the bread soaks up the rich flavors and makes this salad so filling. Spinach makes it deeply green, and you can play with the amount of bread vs. greens — some recipes call for mostly bread! It’s a great way to use up odds/ends or slightly stale bread. Don’t skip on the sundried tomatoes.

vegan panzanella salad

8. Quick Broccoli Couscous Salad

Technically this recipe requires boiling water, but no actual cooking, so I’m including it here. It’s also great when cold or room temperature, and is perfect for picnics. Couscous is a semolina-flour based grain that needs just a few minutes of prep to make this easy and yummy meal. The olives are key here — add more or less than what’s suggested, and feel free to swap for more flavorful Kalamata olives.

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