A More Sustainable Home Starts in the Bedroom

Usually I write about how to improve your health with good food, but today I’m going to write about another really important aspect of a healthier, greener life—how to ensure you’re sleeping and living in a healthy environment and creating a more sustainable home.

I have done a lot of research over the years to reduce my exposure to chemicals and toxins in the home (and in my diet), and I’ve spent years researching products and practices to ensure my home is as clean and green as possible. I’ve written about homemade cleaning products, homemade body care, yoga mats, house paint, and even about finding greener mattresses.

This research has been really enlightening – there are lots of ways that we are exposed to chemicals daily from companies that don’t care about their consumers. The upside is that there is a growing number of companies that do care about consumer health and the health of the planet, and thus create excellent products for us to enjoy.

Case in point: Square Flower bed sheets. This company reached out to see if I wanted to check out some of their organic cotton bedding options, and I’m so happy that they did. Their natural bedding is clean, classy, and totally aligned with the values that are important to me and my sustainable home.

Waking up in clean, organic sheets everyday makes me HAPPY!

Why Choose Organic Materials for Bedding?

Organic bedding is better for you, and better for the planet. When buying organic bedding and linens, the certification that’s important to look for is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This ensures the highest quality of organic certification. Square Flower is also Fair-Trade Certified, which helps farmers around the world get paid fair wages for their work.

These third-party verifications might seem like a simple label, but they are really important to help consumers know that the product or brand has done their due diligence and will deliver on the promises.

Why is all this important? Did you know that cotton is considered one of the world’s ‘dirtiest crops?‘ Cotton is one the most heavily sprayed crops in the world and it is often genetically modified (about 90% of the world’s cotton is GM cotton). Growing cotton this way is bad for our soils, our groundwater, and for the farmers that do the growing, harvesting, and production. Overall, the global textile industry is a disaster for the environment and the workers, so companies that are using better practices, verifying via third party options, and providing consumers with great goods is really important as we build a more sustainable future.

Square Flower is building something better from the ground up by using organic practices and cooperative business models that benefit everyone – in fact, they can trace your sheets back to the very farms that grew the cotton. I love learning about good business models like this and sharing them with you!

What about the Bedding?

I choose to trial the organic duvet cover in the blue color to match the vintage feel of my new house new matching nightstands – one of the few totally new purchases for my new house. The matching pillows (paired with some other organic pillowcases) makes the room feel natural and inviting. The texture of the duvet is crisp and cool, and fits a standard queen size comforter. The pillowcases are cool to the touch, and look great after a night of rest – the pillowcases and duvet don’t wrinkle and always look fresh (assuming the bed gets made!).

Most importantly for me, organic bedding just FEELS nicer, too. I love slipping into bed each night knowing that my bedding is clean and green for me and for the people that made it! There is a curated collection of colors to choose from in their product line. I especially like the natural, undyed bedding. When it’s time for me to choose new sheets, that’s what I’d like to choose. I love the fresh, natural look of this bedding.

Square Flower offers great deals for new customers (currently $40 off a new order), they offer a 60-night trial. I got a free set of pillowcases to match the duvet set and now my bed has become the centerpiece of the bedroom.

Thanks to SquareFlower for the products for review; images, opinions, and research are all my own

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