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12 Awesome Tempeh Recipes

January 22nd, 2018 | by Andrea Bertoli

Tempeh is an awesome, hearty protein option, but a lot of folks are nervous about using it or unsure of which recipes to start with. So I compiled a list of 12 excellent and accessible tempeh recipes to get even the most novice tempeh chefs cooking. Recipes include Sweet and Sour Tempeh, Tempeh Bolognaise, Tempeh Bacon, Coconut Ginger Tempeh, BBQ Tempeh and MORE!

sweet and sour tempeh

Sweet and Sour Tempeh

March 7th, 2013 | by Andrea Bertoli

Sweet and sour tempeh is an easy recipe with just a few ingredients that makes tempeh approachable and delicious.

tempeh bacon

quick meals: tempeh bacon

February 17th, 2013 | by Andrea Bertoli

If anyone ever told you that eating less meat is going to be difficult and flavorless, you should cook this [&hellip

ginger tempeh burgers!

December 15th, 2012 | by Andrea Bertoli

Those smart people behind Tofurky have created these incredible Superburgers which are only sold at my local all-vegetarian deli. The [&hellip

quick meals: tempeh bolognese pasta

November 12th, 2012 | by Andrea Bertoli

Tempeh is a fermented soy product that is a great source of vegan protein, with a nutty flavor and chewy [&hellip

black pepper tofu

Black Pepper Tofu with Vegetables

February 7th, 2019 | by Andrea Bertoli

A super quick weeknight meal that's way better than Chinese takeout! Perfectly browned tofu and fresh cooked veggies in a rich, dark, and flavorful sauce. Yum!

Best Natural Ways to Reduce Depression

September 1st, 2018 | by Sponsored Content

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues in the country. With antidepressants not always being effective or [&hellip

5 Vinaigrette Recipes for Sassier Summer Salads

July 24th, 2017 | by Andrea Bertoli

Make all your salads more interesting and delicious with these 5 vinaigrette recipes for easy vinaigrettes that will make you wan to eat salad all day long.

eating mindfully

Eating Vegan at Wanderlust Squaw Valley

July 26th, 2016 | by Danielle Garland

We got to spend last weekend at Wanderlust, and instead of greasy festival food, we dined well on organic, local, fully vegan eats all weekend long!

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