maca elixir

Easy Maca Elixir for Boosted Energy

02/13/2019 Andrea Bertoli 0

Maca is my very favorite supplement, and this warming, nourishing maca elixir is the easiest way to imbibe. Just four simple ingredients in this easy Maca Elixir will get you started with this important superfood.

balance the reproductive cycle

Balance the Reproductive Cycle Naturally with Traditional Chinese Medicine

02/11/2013 Andrea Bertoli 22

Bring balance to your monthly menstrual cycles using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Dr. Charyse Harvick specializes in women’s health care, and works with food, herbs, and supplements to help balance the reproductive cycle naturally. She offers us some advice about the four phases of our cycle: foods to enjoy, foods to avoid, and suggested supplements for a happier, healthier period.

natural yeast infection cures

Natural Yeast Infection Cures

09/08/2012 Andrea Bertoli 9

After struggling for many years with recurring yeast infections, I’ve tried nearly every natural yeast infection remedy out there, from food to supplements to diet changes and more. Here is a comprehensive review of the many natural yeast infection cures available – I hope they set you on a path towards wellness!