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eating clean in 2016 with andrea bertoli

Committed to healthy recipes, holistic healing and a lifestyle of wellness – helping you find a higher purpose with food.

Food is medicine for our bodies: a huge body of research proves that plant-based, healthy diets, and active lifestyles can prevent and heal illness, and help us become our BEST selves so that we can continue to do good in the world. Here at Vibrant Wellness Journal I will show you how to cultivate a life of truly vibrant wellness.

The goal of finding a higher purpose through food is to look at food not as only a meal, but as soulful nourishment, connection to our planet and her resources, gratitude for the hands that feed us, and mindful awareness about the energetics of our ingredients.

On my site you will find healthy vegan recipes based on my years of experience in kitchens: playing, researching, teaching, and hosting. I’m passionate about nutrition, a sustainable lifestyle, healthy movement, and sharing the foods, supplements, and products that can help you find your way along this path.

Meet the Chef & Educator

Hello – I’m Andrea 💕

I have been publishing smart and informative content here on Vibrant Wellness Journal since 2009, and have been a contributing expert and recipe creator for Eat Drink Better, Green Living Ideas, Insteading, and Care2 (now defunct). My site features deliciously creative recipes, insightful wellness articles, and mission-aligned book, product, and film reviews. I have taught in-person and video cooking classes in Honolulu and San Francisco for the past 10 years, and I published my first cookbook, Gettin’ Saucy, in 2016.

And of course, I am a passionate foodie: I love to teach cooking classes, make and sell fermented foods, share wellness information and reviews, and EAT ALL THE THINGS. I became an ethical vegetarian when I was 13, and continue to eat a mostly vegan diet to this very day (almost 30 years later!). I am the creator of Vegan in Hawaii, a resource for all things plant-based in the Hawaiian islands, where I’ve lived for almost 20 years.

In addition to my writing here, I work as a content and marketing strategist focused on mission-driven businesses. My primary gig is with CleanTechnica, as the Vice President of Sales & Partnerships. You can find more of my writing about clean energy, green business, and sustainable investing on CleanTechnica, and my writing about food and gardening on Insteading.

Some more fun things about me: I am an avid reader, daily bike commuter, a novice investor, global traveler (once upon a time, anyway!), a sustainability activist, a gardener, a constant tea drinker, daily meditator, and a longtime yogi and surfer. Read and follow along on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

If you’d like to do some guest writing or have your company’s natural products reviewed on Vibrant Wellness Journal, please contact me!


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